The U.S. Cosmeceuticals Market

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Published Jun 1, 2008 | Pub ID: LA1658180

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Beneficial beauty products exploded at retail during the first years of this century to reach $16 billion in 2007. Packaged Facts forecasts $21 billion for 2012. Called “cosmeceuticals,” a descriptor first applied in the early 1990s to hardcore anti-aging serums containing alphahydroxy acids, the assortment now includes any skincare, color cosmetic or haircare item that not only beautifies, but also prevents/treats any condition or concern. That means eye shadow that reduces crow’s feet, moisturizer with sunscreen that wards off UV rays, conditioner that shields hair from air pollution and foundation that keeps cheeks hydrated and rosy.

Packaged Facts’ thoroughly updated report will inspire even the savviest health & beauty care executive to think outside the box. Sales patterns, Simmons demographic data and societal context are all plumbed in-depth, as are the competitive stances of Guthy-Renker (Proactiv), Johnson & Johnson (Neutrogena), L’Oreal (La Roche-Posay), Procter & Gamble (Olay, SK-II) and others.

Information for this report was gathered from primary, secondary and syndicated sources. Primary research involved on-site study of how cosmeceuticals are sold through retail stores and consultations with industry executives. Secondary research involved the evaluation and comparison of data from financial, marketing and retail publications, websites, company literature, government agencies and other sources. Brand share data were provided by Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), which covers the mass-market channel. Analysis of consumers’ purchase and use of cosmeceuticals is based on semi-annual surveys by Simmons Market Research Bureau. And topical data on consumers’ purchasing habits were derived from BIGresearch, which conducts monthly online surveys.

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