Convenience Foods in the U.S., Volume 2: Frozen Prepared Meals, Entrees, Appetizers and Snacks

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Published Dec 1, 2007 | 190 Pages | Pub ID: LA1613389

Frozen convenience foods are convenient, quick to prepare and tasty, making them a great fit for today’s typically time-crunched American. Whereas convenience used to mean sacrificing quality for speed, frozen foods now score high in both quality and flavor, with items like frozen meal kits making it easy for consumers to put a “home-cooked” meal on their table with little fuss, and with many newer pizza products claiming to be every bit as good as—if not better than—restaurant take-out. In addition, new customizable options are making the frozen convenience foods even more competitive not only against restaurant take-out but also against the growing range of fresh prepared foods offered by food retailers of virtually every stripe.

This fully updated Packaged Facts report examines the market for frozen convenience foods meant to constitute a meal or snack, including dinners and entrees, pizza, hand-held foods, breakfast foods, appetizers and snacks, and prepared vegetables.

Convenience Foods in the U.S., Volume 2: Frozen Prepared Meals, Entrees, Appetizers and Snacks provides extensive retail sales breakouts along with an examination of consumer trends, the competitive situation, and future trends, including the juggling act consumers are doing between convenience and health, customizable products, natural and superpremium foods, and ethnic product and market targeting.

Using Information Resources, Inc.’s InfoScan Review data, it quantifies marketer and brand shares across nine product categories, with Simmons Market Research Bureau product and brand penetration levels as well as consumer attitudes toward nutrition and time constraints. The report also profiles major marketers of frozen convenience foods, including ConAgra Foods, H.J. Heinz Co., Kraft Foods, Nestlé USA and The Schwan Food Co.

Fresh convenience foods are covered in the companion volume to this report: Convenience Foods in the U.S., Volume 1: Fresh Prepared Deli and Packaged Foods.

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