White Paper: Terminology Tempest in the Dairy Case

Terminology Tempest in the Dairy CaseInnovation and disruption – it’s creating dramatic change throughout the entire food industry, but perhaps most notably in the dairy case, where traditional dairy products are battling plant-based dairy alternative options for shelf space and consumer dollars.

David Sprinkle, publisher at Packaged Facts, has written this latest opinion piece on the current “terminology tempest” within the dairy case: a discourse on dairy alternative marketers’ use of dairy terms such as “milk” or “butter.” Providing context for the current regulatory skirmishes in Europe and the U.S., this white paper reviews:

  • the June 2017 European Union ruling against soyfoods marketed in dairy terms
  • the historical context in the West for milk adulteration and soymilk as a hard-times imitation
  • the web of nutritional pros and cons for dairy vs. plant products (and whether nutritional facts are really at the heart of the matter)  
  • the consumer marketplace context for the success of current-generation refrigerated plant milks
  • current data on the relative nutritional consciousness of dairy alternative beverage vs. dairy milk consumers
  • the opportunity for dairy case growth based on meaningful and wider-ranging premium product differentiation

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