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Access Expert Research and Insights into the Food & Beverage Market

Packaged Facts is the leading provider of food & beverage industry market research, offering comprehensive insights and analysis on all facets of the industry, including food, beverages, food retailing, foodservice, ingredients, demographics and food trends. A Knowledge Center subscription gives your organization unlimited access to all of the content in our authoritative food & beverages library. Take advantage of more than two decades of research and analysis, thousands of data tables and figures, conference presentation decks and all the new food & beverage services industry content we publish during the course of your subscription.

Packaged Facts publishes information on topics including:

  • Future of Food Retailing
  • Consumer Shopping & Spending by Channel
  • Branded Fresh Foods and Produce
  • Food Shopper Cohorts & Demographics
  • Fresh, Seasonal, Local and Current Consumer Drivers
  • Gourmet & Foodie Trends
  • Natural & Organic Foods
  • Health & Wellness Trends
  • Frozen Foods & Desserts
  • Kids Foods & Beverages
  • Weight Management Mindsets & Products
  • Cheese, Ice Cream & Yogurt
  • Fruit & Vegetable Juices
  • Coffee, Tea & Functional Beverages
  • Sports Nutritionals for Mainstream Consumers
  • Food Formulation Trends, Ingredients & Allergens
  • Meat & Seafood
  • Snacks & Confectionary
  • Foodservice Landscape
  • Chain Restaurant Usage
  • Culinary Trends
  • International Foods & Flavors
  • Menu-to-Retail Crossovers
  • And more

Leverage Packaged Facts as Your Trusted Business Insights Partner

Food & Beverage Knowledge Center

Identifying business opportunities. Validating internal assumptions. Sizing up the competition. Exploring new markets. Serving as a “gut check.” Our research performs a variety of “jobs” for our clients, but one theme runs throughout: without it, few, if any, are willing to make major business decisions. As one business executive told us, our content is “essential. We can’t operate in a vacuum. Market research is our 'eyes and ears' on the market.” With a Knowledge Center, you gain the peace of mind that comes with having a credible, reliable and trusted partner.

  • "External research is essential. We can't operate in a vacuum, and we can't do much of anything without MR. It's our eyes and ears on the market — without it, we can't make the multimillion dollar decisions we need to make."
    — A global education publisher
  • "Our marketing and strategy departments use MR to inform the primary research they conduct — it serves as a knowledge base and helps with innovation efforts. What does the consumer want, and how do we apply our own solutions to that?"
    — A leading global food & beverage company
  • "We use market research to get a better understanding of consumer motivation. What portion of customers is opting for lower-cost brands that are ‘good enough?’ How can we account for differences between specific types of consumers and how they approach the buying process?"
    — A manufacturer in the construction industry
  • "We use industry studies to get a macro-level view of what’s happening in the industry and to get a thumbs up or thumbs down sense of how various product and market segments will perform in the future."
    — A large chemical company
  • "People who work in new market development use research to identify what’s next and learn about unfamiliar markets."
    — A global life science company

Save on Research Spending

The Knowledge Center subscription is a predictable and cost-effective solution for your research budget. You pay a fixed annual fee - no more finding funds for reports you want to buy, as everything we publish in the food & beverages vertical is included. And you save thousands, as the subscription comes with a global site license. Any and all of your colleagues can have access, based on your needs and policies.

Speed Your Research Efforts with Our Cutting Edge Technology

Food & Beverage Knowledge Center

The Food & Beverage Knowledge Center is powered by world-class technology to provide a superior user experience that’s simple, intuitive and efficient. With our platform, you can:

  • Full-text search across the entire catalog, including Keyword in Context (KWIC) search capabilities
  • Gain unlimited access to individual tables, charts, sections, or full reports
  • Customize alerts for individual users to track markets of interest
  • Access optional workflow tools, such as project code assignment functionality, to track projects and assign costs, searches, downloads, etc.
  • Utilize robust real-time usage statistics to see how and where the information is used
  • Download tables into Excel spreadsheets, figures into PowerPoint slides and the report into a Word or PDF document
  • Clip selections of content to create your own, customized report
  • Share notes and findings with colleagues
  • Translate content into multiple languages

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