• by Daniel Granderson
  • February 25 2021

The Instagramization of Beverage Marketing

The Instagramization of Beverage Marketing

Beverage marketers are increasingly “doing it for the gram”—specifically designing or redesigning their products for Instagram and other social media, reports Packaged Facts in U.S. Beverage Market Outlook: Grocery Shopping & Personal Consumption in the Coronavirus Era.

Younger consumers in particular love to post the foods and beverages they consume on social media, with Instagram as the preferred platform. Products and packaging that are colorful and fun get the most attention. And to generate the most interest, product images are shot from a specific angle—from the top looking down is a standard in food and beverage.

Aluminum cans (and some bottles) have become the go-to package for sparkling waters and other beverages. One reason for the success of this package is the ability to do superior graphics that make the product “Instagrammable”. There’s also a coolness quotient in packaging water to make it look like a craft beer or energy drink.

Meanwhile, energy brands like Red Bull and Monster have become lifestyle brands and take to Instagram and other social media not only to promote products but also to illustrate how their fans enjoy life.

And a few years ago, Health-Ade Kombucha launched a marketing campaign toward the end of 2019 that centers on personal taste and promoted the company’s most popular flavors. Print advertising and social media activity featured the slogan “You Brew You” with graphic colors reflecting the beverage’s packaging and flavor range. The ads and visuals were unique for a kombucha brand, were highly appealing to the Instagram crowd, and reflected the company’s desire to attract new users and broaden the drink’s appeal.

It's a trend that’s bound to gain followers.