Puppy Love: Mental and Emotional Health Pet Services

Puppy Love: Mental and Emotional Health Pet Services

There’s no question owning a pet is good for your health.  It’s also a good way to help others.

The recently released Packaged Facts Pet Market Outlook 2017-2018  report shows that 95% of dog owners and 94% of cat owners agree that their pets have a positive impact on their mental health; similarly, 95% of dog owners and 90% of cat owners agree that their pets have a positive impact on their physical health. Packaged Facts' new Pet Market Outlook examines the consumer trends reflective of pets' stress-relief capabilities that are helping to shape the U.S. pet market. . 

Therapy Services in the Pet Services Industry

PetSmart recently launched a new Dog Therapy Training Course for pet owners interested in giving back to their pets. The training course course prepares dogs for their 'Therapy Dog' evaluation, provided by organizations such as Pet Partners and the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, after which registered dogs can support people at senior living facilities, hospitals, funeral homes and other places.

One high-stress place where you can find pet therapy services is in the airport. Dozens of airports have canine therapy teams helping passengers decompress. Some airports have even added non-canine therapists. You can find a Juliana pig named LiLou at San Francisco International Airport, a pot-bellied pig named Bacon Bits at Albany International Airport and a team of miniature therapy horses at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Even a recent New York Times Magazine issue features a story on the topic titled “Why Close Encounters with Animals Soothe Us.” 

For more information on the U.S. pet market and pet services industry, visit Packaged Facts' pet products and services market research reports. 

You can also find more information about horse therapy services and other equine-related topics in Packaged Facts’ all new and updated 2017 report, U.S. Equine Market, 3rd Edition.

--by George Puro