From poultry to plants, Packaged Facts’ May 4 presentation covers U.S. protein market

From poultry to plants, Packaged Facts’ May 4 presentation covers U.S. protein market

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May 2 - Protein is one of the most prominent and prevalent food industry buzzwords driving sales across both the retail and foodservice landscape. From meat and poultry classics to new and “better-for-you” meat alternatives, consumers are seeking out protein in all its forms.

Just as important, protein’s high profile image over the last few years has resulted in more consumers associating this macronutrient with providing a source of energy, helping with weight management, promoting satiety or a feeling of fullness and building muscle mass and strength.  As Packaged Facts’ research director David Sprinkle points out, “America undoubtedly has a love affair with proteins, and it makes sense. Generally speaking, protein benefits from being associated with positive health benefits and as a result has remained at the forefront of consumer consciousness when grocery shopping, meal planning, or ordering out.”

Mr. Sprinkle’s expertise on the subject of proteins will be on full display during the 2016 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar, which is being held at the DoubleTree-Hilton in Oak Brook, Illinois beginning May 3.  Mr. Sprinkle will present from 8:15 am-9:00 am CDT on May 4. 

The presentation will chart the evolving views of the American consumer on protein, as evident in nutritional attitudes, food purchasing behavior, food and beverage product innovations at retail, and menu trends. Packaged Facts research data show that 70% of consumers prefer protein from animal sources, but over 30% are eating more meatless meals, and plant proteins are increasingly prominent in the marketplace. With the retail and foodservice arenas under pressure to adopt a more progressive role in relation to public health and environmental sustainability, Mr. Sprinkle’s discussion hones in on the key meat and plant protein trends reshaping the food industry.

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