Doggone doggy breath be gone!

Doggone doggy breath be gone!

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Jan. 11 - For many pet owners, as much as they love their pets, there is nothing worse than a smelly “kiss” from a pet with bad breath. Unfortunately, breath odor can also signal a more serious underlying health condition-it is one of the main symptoms of periodontal disease, a serious condition that approximately 70% of cats and 80% of dogs develop by the time they’re three years old, according to the AVMA.

The pet oral care market provides solutions for this critical pet wellness issue. Pet owners are motivated to address their pets’ oral care needs-according to an April 2015 Packaged Facts survey, 59% of dog owners agree that they are concerned with the dental hygiene/breath odor of their pets, with 48% of cat owners agreeing to the same. And pet product marketers have realized that adding value to products through oral care benefits is an easy way to enter the category and increase sales of product types that fall into mature (and therefore crowded) product categories.

Packaged Facts’ all-new report Pet Oral Care Products and Services in the U.S. estimates retail sales of pet oral care products at $775 million in 2015, with pet oral care services bringing in an additional $3.8 billion. Forecasting product sales to grow to $975 million and services to $4.9 billion by 2020, this report covers the major trends impacting this market, as product marketers and veterinary services providers stress the importance of good oral care practices in a pet’s wellness regimen.

-- By Shannon Landry Brown