Human/animal bond … in theaters everywhere as art imitates life

Human/animal bond … in theaters everywhere as art imitates life

This week, animal lovers and kids of all ages will be treated to a new six-minute short entitled Feast from Disney Animation.  The story debuts on November 7, 2014 with the release of the company’s new film Big Hero 6.  The short features a Boston terrier named Winston.  A blog post on Disney’s website describes the film as follows:  “Feast is the story of a newly adopted dog named Winston who bonds with his owner through a series of delicious meals-or at least the scraps thereof, delivered to his dog bowl, and sometimes onto the floor.” 

Pet food marketers have long known about this human/animal bond.  Some recent marketing initiatives have placed extra focus on it.  Last year, Petco changed its messaging to emphasize this - highlighted by its new slogan “The Power of Together.”  Similarly, when Del Monte Foods rebranded itself as Big Heart Pet Brands, it said the company’s purpose “is to nurture that bond between pets and the people who love them, making every day special.”

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- By George Puro