The Neandrathal didn’t eat yogurt, but in the age of brogurt, today’s man does

The Neandrathal didn’t eat yogurt, but in the age of brogurt, today’s man does

How Greek yogurt has helped pave the way for a manly yogurt

News that Dannon Yogurt, the U.S., New York-based subsidiary of Danone, signed a new marketing contract with the National Football League (NFL) as its official yogurt sponsor may have come as a surprise to many. Food Navigator U.S.A., a food industry trade publication (July 30, 2014), reported a deal for the 2015 season, following Super Bowl ads placed in 2012 and 2014. For yogurt-makers, ongoing ad placement in front of a male-centric sport (60% male viewership, according to Scarborough Sports Marketing), like American football, is something of a recent development in the U.S. And both Chobani and Oikos, a Dannon brand, made ad bets during Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014. In the R&D kitchen, in the retail marketplace and in the active lifestyles of men, yogurt is being transformed from a dieter’s light lunch or nutritious snack, to a replenishing meal for the active male.

Take brogurt (macho yogurt) - yogurt formulated for and marketed to the active male. With today’s consumer focusing on protein and athleticism being defined on the elliptical just as much as on the bike trail or the local basketball gym, yogurt is the ideal male companion in terms of replenishment and nutrition intake, and brands like Powerful Yogurt have caught on. Yogurt is rich in calcium and has ample amounts of protein for muscle recovery and rebuilding. As discussed in our Protein Sources - Classic, Alternative and Exotic Sources: Culinary Trend Tracking Series report, manufacturers designing yogurt for men are upping the portion size, boosting protein and portability of such products to fit the needs of active men.  

Greek yogurt has already been an attractive and appealing meal or snack option for men with its more tart taste and bulky substance.  Increasing portion sizes and bulking up protein content is an ideal way to increase that appeal.  The opportunity to sell more yogurt to men in retail outlets and also in foodservice is ripe with only 42% of men, compared to 67% of women, consuming yogurt, as per a Packaged Facts Yogurt Market and Yogurt Innovation report (March 2013).

 Additionally, marketing and merchandising of the product for the active male lifestyle is something that is swaying consumers. A 227-gram (approximately eight-ounce) serving of Powerful Yogurt Blueberry Acai non-fat Greek yogurt contains 21 grams of protein, and 0 grams of fat and 0mg of cholesterol. It has 20% of the Recommended Percent Daily Values for calcium. The yogurt claims are “great tasting,” high protein, gluten-free, “rich with non-GMO,” high-quality ingredients and all-natural. Nutritionists have been keen on the many health benefits of yogurt, including its calcium and Vitamin D content, and also the balance of protein and carbohydrates in each serving of yogurt, combined with its probiotic boost.

So it looks like Dannon is on the right track with its new NFL contract. Brogurt anyone?

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