Jumping into the Canadian pet market with all four feet

Jumping into the Canadian pet market with all four feet

Canadians love their pets, and the Canadian pet market’s steady growth over the past five years is proof positive that the “pets as family” mentality has taken firm root in the Canadian mindset, as health- and wellness-related spending and premium products drive sales slowly upward with each passing year.

Pets are aging along with their care-givers, but the costs of maintaining older pets hasn’t stopped the Baby Boomer population from abandoning their furry “children.”  Veterinary costs are up in Canada, however, in some cases dramatically so, and many Canadian pet owners have begun to seek veterinary care south of the border, in U.S. clinics that offer the promise of a high standard of care without the high price.

Marketers in the pet sphere are still focusing on premium and ultra premium products, which more often than not translates to natural or organic products. The humanization of pets has also impacted the types of new pet products being released in Canada, with more human-style products, like “pet couture” accessories, hitting the shelves, as well as human-grade products in the food aisle.

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