Our Company

For more than 50 years, Packaged Facts has been a leading publisher of market research in the food, beverage, consumer packaged goods, and demographic sectors. Our comprehensive, timely, quality research and presentation of market intelligence have made Packaged Facts a premier source of market information for top industry decision makers.

Founded in 1960 by David A. Weiss, Packaged Facts first began collecting market research data for advertising and public relations agencies. Gradually its customer base grew to include major corporations in the consumer products field seeking not just market data, but also competitive analysis and forecasts, for development of new products and marketing of existing ones.

By the 1980s, marketing executives from consumer goods companies, including Procter & Gamble, H. J. Heinz, and PepsiCo, commissioned Packaged Facts to prepare custom-tailored studies. In response to growing demand, Packaged Facts broadened its coverage of major and niche consumer markets and began publishing its industry-focused studies in their current syndicated format.

In 1998, Packaged Facts was acquired by MarketResearch.com. Packaged Facts continues to be the leading publisher in the United States of market studies on consumer products.