The Alternative Payment Systems Industry in the U.S.

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Published Jun 1, 2008 | 159 Pages | Pub ID: LA1103803

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Online shopping, peer-to-peer connections and safer, more secure online services are the fundamentals driving the growth of consumer online alternative payments in the United States. In this all-new Packaged Facts report, the current and future market landscape is analyzed, which Packaged Facts estimates at $37.3 billion in 2007, up 33% over 2006.

Packaged Facts presents the market for alternative payments in relation to both the business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce market and the total “consumer” payments market. The report presents the size and growth of the market using several key metrics, including paper payments, card payments and electronic payments, as well as trends and factors that affect the industry. Special regard is given to the activity of top players and the varied upstarts, particularly in mobile payments, hoping to steal share and further alter the old school payments paradigm. Major key competitors are profiled, along with a focused analysis of consumer payment demographics and preferences.

Note: Packaged Facts defines alternative payments as entirely electronic and predominantly conducted over the Internet (though not all are conducted through the ACH network). Generally, alternative payments exclude all forms of paper and any debit or credit card where the purchase or remittance is made directly with that medium. The most common alternative payments are consumer-to-business purchases and peer-to-peer, also referred to as person-to-person (P2P) payments.

Research Methodology
These report data were obtained from government sources, trade associations and publications, business journals, company literature, investment reports and interviews with industry players. In most cases, market data span the 2000-2007 period.

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