Commercial Cards and B2B Payment Services: U.S. and Global Markets and Trends, 11th Edition

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Published Dec 5, 2019 | 147 Pages | Pub ID: LA15895395
Commercial Cards and B2B Payment Services: U.S. and Global Markets and Trends, 11th Edition

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Much is afoot in commercial payment cards today. The industry is at a tipping point: While cards continue to provide the backbone, technology is reshaping and broadening their ability to meet customer pain points. Wrapped around them are increasingly sophisticated array of software solutions and technology platforms that help bridge a gamut of challenges and providing increasingly seamless payment processes that involve not just cards. Yes, it’s a multi-rail world, even for Visa and Mastercard, as industry participants rush to partner, acquire, and strategize to tap the broader global B2B payments opportunity. Meanwhile, to the tune of $2.35 billion in 2018 payment value, commercial card payment value trends suggest continued healthy growth in the U.S. and point to untapped international opportunity.

Packaged Facts’ Commercial Cards and B2B Payment Services: U.S. and Global Markets and Trends, 11th Edition provides needed insight into a growing market on the cusp of change. While cards are emphasized in market sizing, the report also includes significant analysis related to ACH and accounts payable automation.

The report presents the size and growth of the market and related key metrics within the broader payment card arena. Included are discussions and analysis of the various card associations or networks, commercial payment card types, trends and factors affecting their growth, and a focused analysis of U.S. commercial card usage demographics and preferences. Major card brands and issuers are profiled. Specifically, this report:
  • Provides a global payment card commercial card market size and forecast through 2022, with supporting analysis of global, U.S. and non-U.S. consumer and commercial credit card and debit card payment value growth during 2014-2018. This includes total and commercial U.S. and non-U.S. credit and debit card payment value share among seven leading payment networks (American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa).
  • Places heavy emphasis on technology-forward B2B payments innovation, including new product launches, fintech partnerships and acquisitions, and related growth analysis. Examples include Mastercard B2B Hub, Visa B2B Connect, Ripple, and
  • Dives into specialty B2B powerhouses WEX and FleetCor, emphasizing virtual card and AP automation strategies and successes. Market sizes for corporate and fleet card programs are included.
  • Provides stand-alone Visa Europe 2014-2018 payment value, including commercial and consumer credit cards and debit cards.
  • Includes U.S. ACH total and commercial payments value estimates through 2019, as well as same-day ACH and same-day ACH B2B payments
  • Dives into American Express small business, middle market, and large/global U.S. and non-U.S. commercial card payment value, including trended analysis of top international markets (total payment value and SME payment value). U.S. and non-U.S. payment value market sizing for OPEN small business payment value is also included.
  • Provides global and U.S. ACH, cash and check, and payment card value payment value, including B2B payments; and a proprietary estimate for 2014-2018 U.S. B2B payment value by expenditure input.
  • Provides guidance on U.S. business card usage penetration by card brand, business employment size and occupation; among business purchase decision markers by type of involvement, card brand, and employment size.
  • Analyzes the commercial payments strategies of American Express, China UnionPay, JCN, Mastercard, and Visa. This includes analysis of commercial card operations, technology-forward B2B payments initiatives, and U.S. and non-U.S. trends.
  • Includes China UnionPay consumer and commercial domestic and international credit card and debit card payment value estimates, as well as related metrics.
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