The Changing Face of Edible Fats and Cooking Oils

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Published Mar 1, 2002 | 307 Pages | Pub ID: LA465303

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The Changing Face Of Fats And Oils

From "The Fear of Fat" to the newest Ultra Indulgence craze, this comprehensive global study of the changing fats and oils market has it all: nineteen company profiles and an additional 29 smaller company briefs, statistical data on U.S. prices and sales volumes for the different types of fats and oils covering a ten-year span (1996-2006), and advertising and R & D trends and expenditures.

This new Packaged Facts report compiles its impressive research from the "basic" 5 -- animal fats/lard/shortening, oils, including olive oils, dressings, cooking oils, and sprays, butter, margarine, and the fast-growing fat replacements in low-fat and fat free foods - for fast cross-referencing and fact-finding.

Business executives, scientists, researchers, and company strategists will get a microscopic view of the Big 5 Supermarkets, The Top 10 Public and Private Companies (including mergers, acquisitions, and inside competition between brands), and an insightful, illuminating profile of the different types of fats and oils consumer - from the "La Vida Exotica" set to the Heart Healthy Baby Boomer, as well their important demographics. Readers will discover the implications of new butter surplus, the global problems of soybean and other vegetable oil processing, the import of the latest FDA regulations on the consumer, the latest discoveries in fat substitution, and much more.

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