Branded Refrigerated Meats and Meals: U.S. Market Trends

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Published Aug 15, 2014 | 132 Pages | Pub ID: LA5240738
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Branded Refrigerated Meats and Meals: U.S. Market Trends

As Americans return more proteins to center plate of their meals, the time is right for a revival of branded meats and meals sold in the refrigerated cases of supermarkets. Packaged Facts’ report, Branded Refrigerated Meats and Meals: U.S. Market Trends, examines the trends and factors that are influencing the market for these products, which has become a $25 billion industry.

One such factor is the rise of meat prices in the U.S., owing to weather, international economic and political tensions, and growing global demand. So how do marketers offset price increases? One way is through branding, as that offers a competitive advantage in what, for a long time, has been a commodity market. Branding is also a key component in the development of convenience products targeted to a consumer market stretched thin in terms of time or ability to cook.

Branded Refrigerated Meats and Meals: U.S. Market Trends also reports on the role natural and organic products can play in this market. They’re increasingly in demand, and those who can afford to pay more are showing a willingness to do so for what are perceived as better-for-you products. Looking ahead, it will be increasingly important for marketers to offer meat from sustainable sources.

With the vast majority of Americans continuing to choose meat and meat-based products as their main protein source, Packaged Facts estimates the overall sales of refrigerated meals and meat to approach $31 billion by 2018. Consumers will continue to diversify the retail outlets where they shop to include more locally sourced products as well as products that are perceived to be healthier.

Scope and Methodology

Branded Refrigerated Meats and Meals: U.S. Market Trends products sold through all types of retail outlets, including supermarkets, discount stores and supercenters, warehouse clubs, and mass merchandisers, as well as convenience stores, drugstores, health and natural food stores, dollar stores, farms and farmers markets.

Market estimates within this report were based on both public and syndicated data sources. Packaged Facts has analyzed available sales and trend data, together with information pertaining to those products that move through unmonitored outlets, to estimate the total size of the market for branded refrigerated meals and meat.

Primary data sources include:
  • SymphonyIRI sales tracking through U.S. supermarkets and grocery stores, drugstores, and mass merchandisers (including Target, Kmart, and Walmart) with annual sales of $2 million or more.
  • U.S. Census Bureau retail food sales data from the Economic Census surveys, annual retail channel sales, non-employer statistics.
  • U.S. Bureau of Economic analysis annual estimates for consumer spending by food type
  • Major food and beverage retailer annual reports for individual retailer sales
  • Publicly available data from other industry sources including trade associations and publications
The consumer demographics analysis was developed using data from the Experian Marketing Services, Fall 2013 Simmons NCS Adult Study 12- Month. Base: Population.

Packaged Facts also draws on a proprietary national online consumer survey conducted in April/May of 2014.

Information on new product introductions was derived from examination of the retail milieu and from relevant trade, business, and government sources, including company literature and annual reports
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