May 2005: Culinary Trend Mapping Report

May 15, 2005
108 Pages - Pub ID: LA1068615
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Each quarter Culinary Trend Mapping Report will offer an unparalled view into whats hot - and what will be - in the food world.

Inside the 91-page Spring 2005 Issue:

Classification of Culinary Trends By Stage - Where are They Now?

Stage 1

  • Acai (antioxidant-rich berry)
  • Banh Mi
  • Banana Blossoms
  • Panko
  • Coffee as Flavoring in Entrees
  • Cooking in parchment
  • Scotch Bonnet Chile

Stage 2

  • Manchego
  • Meyer Lemon
  • Cardamom
  • Pea Shoots
  • Endamame

Stage 3

  • Passion Fruit Flavor Profile
  • Natural and Organic Meats

Stage 4

  • (None in this issue)

Stage 5

  • Whole Grains

Chefs Council Feature Article

  • Chef Speak: Spains Cheeses Causing A Stir Stateside

Wharf Research Study

  • Primary, Proprietary Research Examining What Consumers are Saying About These Products (segmented by product, and then by region, gender and age)
  • New Feature: Consumer Dining and Shopping Behavior Insights
    • When you eat out, do you typically . . .(ordering behavior)
    • When grocery shopping, do you buy organic products
    • How often to you buy groceries from . . . (types of retail outlets)
    • What food publications or media channels (TV, websites) do you regularly follow?

Profile of Basque Cuisine

  • Emerging Ethnic Cuisine - Is Basque on the Fast Track?

Strategic Implications

  • Whole Grain and High Fiber Foods

Back Trends

  • Looking Back: Organics Getting the Green Light


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