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Find the information you need on the ingredients industry. The Packaged Facts collection of market research reports provides insights into market trends, analyses, projections, and sales and marketing strategies. Packaged Facts signature culinary trend reports, which map specific ingredients from their earliest emergence to their appearance in mass market retail outlets, along with our annual food flavor and ingredient trend reports, offer industry insider views on what's hot and what's not when it comes to flavor profiles and changing consumer tastes.

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Multicultural Wellness Ingredients: Culinary Trend Tracking Series
Multicultural Wellness Ingredients: Culinary Trend Tracking Series Multicultural wellness ingredients, at the intersection of healthier eating trends and our increasingly international palate, are fueling some of the most compelling trends in the culinary landscape. This edition of CuTTS profiles five such ingredients that are gaining  |  more...
May 22, 2015 $3,300.00
Nutritional Labeling and Clean Labels in the U.S.: Future of Food Retailing
Nutritional Labeling and Clean Labels in the U.S.: Future of Food Retailing “Clean label” has become one of the hottest topics in the food and beverage industry as consumers look ever more closely at what goes into their food and beverages. Many consumers are now using  |  more...
Apr 29, 2015 $2,500.00
Functional Foods: Key Trends & Developments in Ingredients
Functional Foods: Key Trends & Developments in Ingredients The market for functional foods in the United States looks certain to be vibrant in 2015 and beyond as it addresses the diverse needs of various groups including health-conscious Millennials, aging Baby Boomers, exercise  |  more...
Nov 21, 2014 $2,250.00
Food Formulation Trends: Ingredients Consumers Avoid
Food Formulation Trends: Ingredients Consumers Avoid Food avoidance has become a way of life for tens of millions of American consumers of all ages. For consumers with allergies and intolerances, avoiding certain food and ingredients is a matter of life and death. But for  |  more...
Feb 7, 2014 $3,375.00
Food Additives: The U.S. Market
Changes abound within the food additives industry. Consumer distaste for artificial additives, long ingredient lists, and unpronounceable food ingredients continues to grow. Well-performing synthetic and artificial ingredients, which entered during the 1950s/postwar era, have sharply fallen into disfavor. Although distaste for artificial additives continues to strengthen, consumer expectations regarding color,  |  more...
Oct 21, 2013 $2,970.00
Boomer Wellness: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
T he Baby Boomers, the generation of those born between 1946 and 1964,number 80 million and account for 44% of the households with annual incomes over $75K, representing a significant amount of disposable income and purchasing power. Boomer  Wellness Culinary Trend Mapping report  |  more...
Jan 9, 2014 $2,970.00
Mediterranean Rim: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
Mediterranean Rim: Culinary Trend Mapping Report The Mediterranean Rim diet is not only a delicious, commonsense approach to eating and cooking, it also gets the thumbs up for its health benefits from the scientific community. This diet typically features a small but potent group of ingredients prepared  |  more...
Sep 27, 2013 $2,970.00
South American Flavors: Culinary Trend Tracking Series
South American Flavors:  Culinary Trend Tracking Series spotlights emerging, penetrating and integrated food and ingredient trends that are seeing resurgent opportunities as their popularity is recast in a new light. With 20% of U.S. adults agreeing that they enjoy eating foreign foods, and Peruvian cuisine  |  more...
Mar 28, 2014 $2,970.00
Healthy-Ingredient Snacks in the U.S.: Cereal/Granola, Fruit, and Seed/Nut Snacks and Bars
Healthy-Ingredient Snacks in the U.S.: Cereal/Granola, Fruit, and Seed/Nut Snacks and Bars More and more Americans eat smaller portions of food more frequently throughout the day, and there is universal agreement in the food industry that this megatrend is here to stay. Another cultural  |  more...
Sep 16, 2013 $3,150.00
May 2004: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
Introducing the Culinary Trend Mapping Report: A Quarterly Journal of Food and Ingredient Insight Produced in collaboration between the Center for Culinary Development and Packaged Facts, the Culinary Trend Mapping Report is a new quarterly report on food and ingredient trends and developments. Four times a year,  |  more...
May 1, 2004 $2,000.00
Food Formulation and Ingredient Trends: Health and Wellness
Food Formulation and Ingredient Trends: Health & Wellness Health and wellness will continue to take center stage in 2013 both because persistent high obesity and chronic illness rates demand it and because food and beverage manufacturers seek higher margins that these value-added products can command. Manufacturers of packaged  |  more...
Feb 13, 2013 $2,800.00
Asian and Latin: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
While flavors and dishes from Asian and Latin cuisines have been incorporated into the American mainstream diet for many decades, more authentic and traditional foods are increasingly important in the restaurant and packaged foods marketplace. This new wave caters to the larger percentage of the population—including Millennials as well  |  more...
Dec 20, 2012 $2,640.00
Fresh Takes on Fruit: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
In Fresh Takes on Fruit , the latest culinary trend report from CCD Innovation and Packaged Facts, we examine a number of new ways fruit is inspiring innovation, whether because it’s a wholly novel item, as is the case in New  |  more...
Mar 29, 2013 $2,640.00
Worldly Snacks: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
Product developers have been taking inspiration from international cuisines for decades, and with good reason—consumers like them. For snack food developers, it’s an exciting time to be exploring new options influenced by forms, flavors and traditions coming from abroad. We  |  more...
May 30, 2013 $2,970.00
The New Healthful: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
It’s time to redefine healthful foods, starting with the positive-sounding word “healthful.” This notion of promoting good health also focuses on the presence of beneficial nutrients and the use of inherently nutritious foods, instead of just the absence of certain ingredients that may negatively affect health when over-consumed. The New  |  more...
Sep 28, 2012 $2,640.00
The Global Market for EPA/DHA Omega-3 Products
Packaged Facts projects the market value of EPA/ DHA omega-3 packaged products to reach $34.7 billion in 2016, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4% over 2011. Expanding public awareness of EPA/DHA omega-3 health benefit through positive media coverage of scientific research findings, as well as developments in  |  more...
Sep 28, 2012 $2,000.00
Street Food: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
American street food is big news. It’s appearing everywhere: on fine dining and fast casual menus, as the theme of food festivals and culinary conferences and, of course, served curbside in myriad forms. We’re not talking about the same old hot dogs or pretzels. In the last two years, street  |  more...
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Apr 13, 2010 $2,640.00
Wellness Ingredients: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
Long before today’s pharmaceutical industry, civilizations treated illness with diets meant to balance one’s humors (Greeks), yin and yang (Chinese) or doshas (Ayurveda). Whatever the bodily ailment or concern, food in the form of herbs, spices, barks, teas, soups and what-have you was administered to make a body better. This  |  more...
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Dec 22, 2010 $2,640.00
Baked Goods: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
For the past several years, consumers have been soothing themselves with all manners of goodies from the bakery, ranging from freshly made pies and Parisian macarons to decadent cookies and oozing lava cakes—all while enjoying new twists on old favorites as well as a more varied selection of baked goods  |  more...
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Apr 20, 2011 $2,640.00
Omega-3, -6 and -9 Fatty Acids: Trends in the Worldwide Food and Beverage Markets, 2nd Edition
Omega-enriched foods and beverages have entered an explosive growth phase in the global retail market. Since 2003, thousands of foods and beverages enriched with omega fatty acids have been introduced worldwide. Marketers really did not start touting the omega content of enhanced foods until late 2004, after the Food and  |  more...
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Jan 1, 2009 $2,400.00
Heat and Spice: Culinary Trend Mapping Report
Heat and spice have been exciting palates for millennia, motivating explorers and merchants to circle the earth to discover new sources of precious seeds, roots, barks and fruit to turn into flavor enhancers. Spices have also had an important healthful role, lending their nutrients to medicinal brews and remedies.  |  more...
Apr 30, 2012 $2,970.00
Market Trends: Food Flavor and Ingredients Outlook 2004
Flavors and ingredients are among the most dynamic factors in the food industry, continually evolving as changing cultural and demographic factors shape the foods we eat. Packaged Facts' new report, Market Trends: Food Flavors & Ingredients Outlook 2004 , uses key industry research along with interviews with leading industry experts and  |  more...
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Jan 6, 2004 $1,120.00
Market Trends: Food Flavor and Ingredient Outlook 2005
Once relegated to supporting roles, flavors and ingredients have moved center stage in an increasingly sophisticated and diverse food industry. The food preferences of today's consumers are constantly changing and evolving - from healthy to indulgent, exotic to indigenous, and from convenience to haute cuisine. As a result, flavors and  |  more...
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Feb 1, 2005 $1,495.00
Food Flavor and Ingredients Outlook 2010, 7th Edition
While Wall Street claims that the recession has ended, Main Street will continue to face financial challenges through most, if not all, of 2010. Frugal behaviors consumers adopted in 2009 are becoming engrained and reflect a new normal when it comes to shopping, dining and eating preferences for the  |  more...
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Feb 1, 2010 $2,640.00
Market Trends: Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2006
Today’s consumers are looking for a bigger bang for their bite. Whether it’s more flavor, nutrition, or exotic ingredients or less fat or other “demonized” ingredients, there’s no doubt that consumers are increasingly demanding food options that meet a variety of needs. And, as today’s fast-moving trends jump from chat  |  more...
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Feb 8, 2006 $1,596.00
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