Hospital, Nursing Home and Residential Facility Foodservice Trends in the U.S.

Feb 1, 2011
156 Pages - Pub ID: LA6044306
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The future of hospital & nursing and residential care foodservice is bright, with foodservice hospital & nursing and residential care expenditures reaching $34.0 billion in 2010, a 3.7% increase from 2009, according to Packaged Facts’ Trends in U.S. Hospital, Nursing Home and Residential Facility Foodservice. Underpinning the largest and fastest-growing sector of the U.S. economy, hospital & nursing and residential care foodservice programs can count on serving an increasing pool of patients, employees, and visitors. For foodservice operators, a shrinking pool of mouths to feed is simply not on the menu, which informs much of our positive outlook.

However, uncertainty looms in the form of government healthcare spending; the enactment of the Patient Projection and Affordable Care Act; and addressing state and federal budget shortfalls. We view contract management companies as potential winners of a budget crunch.

  • Among the conclusions drawn in the report, foodservice programs should not only emphasize women’s nutritional and other health-driven considerations, but also be informed about the different ways women view food generally, whether at home or at restaurants. This need is even more pronounced at assisted living facilities.
  • The report also concludes that a wealth of opportunity exists to tailor foodservice programs around family caregivers. Under these circumstances, a person’s relationship with food may understandably change, and foodservice plays an important role. This explains why those dealing with illness are more apt to use a variety of foodservice types.
  • And while the presence of restaurant brands can provide hospitals with a health dilemma, we view hospital-based restaurant establishments as a component of foodservice consumers expect. Restaurant brands that forcefully play the health card can offer a win-win proposition for hospital foodservice.
  • The report also identifies the following trends as “primary” with positive momentum: Room service and individualized patient care; customer service; wellness and nutrition; variety and culinary exploration; sustainability and green initiatives; and the need for speed.
  • In a unique approach to quantifying market opportunity, the report assesses “meal opportunity” for inpatient and outpatient hospital, assisted living, and hospital employee settings.
This Packaged Facts report provides insight and analysis on hospital and nursing and residential facility foodservice trends. We map key trends and policies shaping sales growth and potential, and provide in-depth profiles of hospital foodservice programs and hospital and nursing home foodservice contractors.

Key coverage includes:

“Share of stomach” analysis

“Share of stomach” hospital and nursing and residential facility sales analysis, which includes 2005-2012 expenditures trends for the hospital and nursing and residential facility segments, with forecasts for 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Consumer restaurant tracking

Via our proprietary Consumer Spend Tracker, Packaged Facts places consumers’ hospital foodservice use within context. This includes directional analysis on recent and intended consumer behavior related to food & foodservice usage; foodservice usage and usage frequency by foodservice category, including limited-service, full-service, snack and beverage, bars and taverns, and institutional foodservice; and targeted analysis of hospital foodservice and associated user food, diet and health attitudes.

In-depth trend analysis and market participant analysis

Report coverage also includes:

  • Targeted analysis of hospital foodservice users and associated food, diet and health attitudes.
  • Trends related to the presence and growth of restaurant-branded hospital foodservice, supported by analysis of leading hospital foodservice programs.
  • Trends related to hospital foodservice, including but not limited to room service and individualized patient care, customer service, wellness and nutrition, variety and culinary exploration, sustainability and green initiatives, the need for speed.
We also analyze the following market participants:

  • Three leading hospital foodservice programs, with a focus on foodservice trends, initiatives, and metrics.
  • Hospital foodservice segments of three leading foodservice contractors (Aramark, Sodexo, and the Compass Group) and one nursing home foodservice contractor (Healthcare Services Group, Inc.).

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