The Supercenter Grocery Shopper: U.S. Consumer Patterns at Walmart, Target, Meijer, and Fred Meyer

Mar 7, 2013
252 Pages - Pub ID: LA4982417
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When it comes to analyzing the modern American consumer, what differentiates one person from the next is not only what they choose to purchase and eat, but where they choose to do their grocery shopping and what motivates them to prefer one location or type of store over another. Supercenter shoppers have different needs and motives than those who do their food shopping primarily at conventional supermarkets, discount grocery stores, farmers markets, or health food stores. Similarly, among supercenter shoppers, there are differences between those who shop at Walmart compared to consumers who frequent its competitor SuperTarget or even those who prefer regional supercenters such as Fred Meyer and Meijer.

In this latest report, The Supercenter Grocery Shopper: U.S. Consumer Patterns at Walmart, Target, Meijer, and Fred Meyer, Packaged Facts examines the modern supercenter shopper to help marketers and food manufacturers understand this unique demographic as they position their products to reach this sometimes affluent, yet disproportionately more frequent to shop consumer base. In the report, demographic and psychographic analysis of these consumers is broken down by:
  • Race
  • Age and gender
  • Household structure and family size
  • Household income
  • Health consciousness
  • Foodie tendencies and adventurous eating habits
  • Consumption of meals cooked at home versus dining out
  • Budget-based shopping, use of coupons, and likelihood of seeking out sales or promotions
  • Store and brand loyalty
  • Shopping with family and friends
  • Frequency of shopping
  • Purchase of natural and organic food products
  • Purchase of private label food products
  • Purchase of low fat or fat free food products
  • Food/beverage purchase patterns by category and national brand
Scope and Methodology

The research in this report is based on Packaged Facts’ ongoing coverage of the consumer packaged goods, foodservice, and food and beverage retail markets. The majority of this report draws on customized cross tabulations of data from the Experian Simmons National Consumer Survey for Spring 2012 based on a survey pool of 25,207 U.S. adults. Additional information was gathered from various business and trade media, in addition to company websites and annual reports.

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