Sugar, Sugar Substitute, and Sweetener Trends in the U.S., 3rd Edition

Sep 1, 2011
234 Pages - Pub ID: LA6393563
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The U.S. sweetener market is the largest and most diverse in the world, and Americans are the heaviest consumer of sweeteners. Dozens of sweetener choices are available at the retail/consumer level and for food manufacturers, ranging from sugar and its many variations to controversy-attracting high fructose corn syrup, and from a menu of artificial sweeteners to new plant-based sweeteners that offer the advantage of being natural products. In Sugar, Sugar Substitute, and Sweetener Trends in the U.S., Packaged Facts quantifies and analyzes the size and growth of the retail market for kitchen/tabletop sugar and sweeteners, as well as tracking emerging product and marketing opportunities. The roll-out of new products containing stevia, as well as accelerated purchase of new and existing stevia products by consumers, will continue to spur market growth, while saccharin will continue to lose ground. The market will also see changes in the organic and less-refined sugar categories, including organic evaporated cane juice.

Scope of Report

The sugar and sweetener market comprises sugar (including refined white sugar, brown sugar and other powdered, flavored and less-refined sugars); honey, molasses, corn sweeteners (including high-fructose corn syrup) and other caloric or nutritive sweeteners; non-caloric sugar substitutes, also called artificial sweeteners or high-intensity sweeteners; and polyols, also called sugar alcohols, used as sweeteners. The sweetener category also includes plant-based products relatively new to the sweetener market, including stevia extracts, which are plant-based, processed sweeteners, agave nectar or syrup and monk fruit. This report estimates and analyzes the size, growth rate and composition of the sugar and sweetener market in the United States. Because so much sugar and sweetener is sold for foodservice and industrial use, sales are provided for the retail market for kitchen/tabletop sweeteners as well as the market in its entirety.

Report Methodology

The information in this report was obtained from both primary and secondary research. Primary research entailed Packaged Facts surveys of consumers as well as on-site examinations of supermarkets, drugstores, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, health/natural foods stores, specialty stores and club stores. Company, distributor and retail interviews were conducted to obtain information on new products and packaging trends, marketing programs, distribution methods and technological breakthroughs. Secondary research entailed data gathering from sources including consumer and industry publications, newspapers, government reports, financial reports, company literature and corporate annual reports.

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