The U.S. Market for Private-Label Credit Cards - 3rd Edition

Nov 1, 2002
222 Pages - Pub ID: LA762190
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This Packaged Facts report focuses on the $95 billion dollar private-label credit card industry, covering retail and oil company cards, card issuers, acquirers, and processors.

The report first provides an overview of the players in the industry- acquirers/issuers and processors- and then discusses current trends including risk management, new card technology, electronic payment patterns, and consolidations. The report next quantifies the private-label credit card market, covering market size and composition for 1998-2002.

An analysis of factors to market growth- including the increasing importance of economies of scale in private label and the resulting alliances, the Internet, emerging market opportunities, and the rapid proliferation of competition in new payment methods- establishes a framework for market growth projections for 2002-2007.

Also provided are detailed company profiles of the leading retailer, oil, and third-party card issuers, as well as demographic data on private-label cardholders, focusing on characteristics such as gender and education and income levels.

Private-label credit cards can be a difficult market - credit risks tend to be higher than in the general-purpose card market, and competition in a saturated card market is increasingly stiff. Yet retailers and card issuers remain in private-label because those risks are often countered by both profit and benefits, such as access to valuable customer purchase data. Learn why some retailers have recently given up, closed, or sold their private-label programs while others have persisted and profited, and why. Find valuable insights for adapting new technology and trends to credit operations and for keeping up with the factors that affect continued expansion in this changing market.

Additional Information

Technology Will Drive $102 Billion Private-Label Credit Card Market

New York, November 6/PRNewswire - Technological developments in the next five years will help drive the private-label credit card industry to a new height of $102 billion by 2007, according to The U.S. Market for Private-Label Credit Cards, a newly published Packaged Facts report available at The private-label industry encompasses cards issued by retailers (e.g. J.C. Penney), oil companies (e.g. Exxon-Mobil), and new hybrid retail/general purpose cards (e.g. the Sears MasterCard).

Private-label market expansion might come at the expense of credit cards themselves. has implemented a new cardless charge system and, most importantly, new cards might take the form of smart cards rather than the traditional magnetic strip credit cards. Smart cards, already popular in Europe, have been slow to take off in the United States, but posted an estimated 71% increase in U.S. issuances in 2002 according to the Packaged Facts report.

"Smart cards may be the best way for issuers to gain market share," said Don Montuori, Acquisition Editor for Packaged Facts. "The private-label market has gone through several cycles of success and failure since its incarnation more than a century ago, but the smart card phenomenon may prove to be the most important change to the industry in all those years. Issuers who move on this trend will be the market leaders in the years ahead."

The U.S. Market for Private-Label Credit Cards provides detailed information about the demographics of card holders, as well as marketing trends, product development, and emerging promotional campaigns. The report also includes historical sales data, as well as industry projections through 2007.

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