The Market for Prepared Frozen Foods

Sep 1, 1999
222 Pages - Pub ID: LA544
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This report analyzes the dynamic $10-billion U.S. market for prepared frozen foods. Covered are seven key product categories: dinners and entrees, pizza, baked goods, breakfast foods, handheld entrees, appetizers and snacks, and side dishes and value-added vegetables. The report examines market composition, marketer and brand share, distribution and retail trends, consumer demographics, and the factors affecting market growth, providing sales projections through 2003. An analysis of the competitive situation features profiles of leading players, including ConAgra, Kraft Foods, Nestle , Sara Lee, and Vlasic Foods. From Packaged Facts. Individual sections are available.

Additional Information

Scope and Methodology

Scope of Market

This report examines the market for prepared frozen foods, focusing on products sold through retail stores. For the purposes of this report, a prepared frozen food is defined as any frozen food that is cooked or has other value added by the manufac-turer before packaging. Packaged Facts divides the prepared fro-zen foods market into seven product categories: frozen dinners and entrees, frozen pizza, frozen baked goods, frozen breakfast foods, frozen hand-held entrees, frozen appetizers and snacks, and frozen side dishes and value-added vegetables. Frozen foods that are not value-added are excluded from the scope of this study. Accordingly, products such as ice cream, frozen juice, fro-zen uncooked meat, poultry, and fish, frozen dough, frozen pasta not in sauce, and plain frozen vegetables are not covered.

The primary focus of this analysis is on products sold through supermarkets. In general, Packaged Facts' categories of prepared frozen foods follow those used by Information Re-sources, Inc. (IRI), to track supermarket sales. Sales of products sold through other retail channels are discussed in context, but because they are not tracked by IRI data, their numbers are not included in the sales estimates provided here.

Report Methodology

The information in this report was obtained from both pri-mary and secondary research. Primary research consisted mostly of on-site examination of retail stores. Secondary research en-tailed culling information from various sources, including trade and consumer publications, annual reports and literature from specific companies, and independent financial reports.

Retail sales estimates are based on InfoScan scanner data supplied to Packaged Facts by Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), Chicago, Illinois. These data track sales of prepared frozen foods in supermarkets (grocery stores with annual sales of at least $2 million); the data available from IRI do not track sales of prepared frozen foods in other retail channels. Accordingly, Packaged Facts has not projected sales figures to encompass sales through other retail channels, such as mass merchandisers, drugstores, ware-house clubs, convenience stores, and health and natural food stores. Our seven product categories follow those used by IRI, al-though we have combined certain subsegments to form three of the categories:

  • Our frozen entrees and dinners category includes IRI's frozen pot pies category.
  • Our frozen baked goods category comprises several IRI catego-ries: bagels, bread/rolls/biscuits, muffins, sweet goods (primarily cakes and pastries), cheesecakes, and pies.
  • Our frozen side dishes and value-added vegetables category com-bines three IRI categories—frozen side dishes, prepared frozen vegetables (sauce/crumbs), and frozen breaded vegeta-bles.

Figures provided on national consumer advertising expen-ditures by individual marketers are based on Competitive Media Reporting (CMR) data, as reported in the trade press. The analysis of consumer demographics is based on Simmons Market Research Bureau data for spring 1998, which are based on a sample of 19,963 adults.

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