The U.S. Market for Plus-Size Apparel

Sep 1, 2001
254 Pages - Pub ID: LA376082
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This pioneering report from Packaged Facts is one of the first to cover the U.S. market for women's plus-size apparel, estimated at $31.6 billion in 2000. Larger women are growing more self-confident and financially secure, and they are demanding fashion equality with their smaller-size sisters from the runway to retail. This fast-paced market has strong growth potential within an otherwise slow-moving women's apparel arena. The report quantifies market size and growth and factors influencing market growth, offering sales projections through 2005. The analysis features extensive competitive profiles of major and niche marketers and retailers, including specialty and e-tail players, plus analysis of current marketing and new product trends and innovative retail strategies. The report also features an in-depth profile of the plus-size consumer.

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