Functional and Natural Ready-to-Drink Beverages in the U.S.: Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks, Functional Waters, RTD Tea and Coffee, Yogurt Drinks and Smoothies

May 1, 2011
242 Pages - Pub ID: LA2806017
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Packaged Facts’ Functional and Natural RTD Beverages in the U.S.: Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks, Functional Waters, RTD Tea and Coffee, Yogurt Drinks and Smoothies offers a comprehensive look at the $23 billion market for single-serve, ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages across three categories and several competing product segments: (1) energy drinks/shots, sports drinks, and nutrient-enhanced waters, in itself a $15 billion category; (2) RTD tea and coffee, and (3) refrigerated yogurt drinks and juice/fruit smoothies. A 7% aggregate compound annual growth rate for these products over the most recent five-year period is a testament to the strength of the market before 2007 and since 2010. In the recessionary years of 2008 and 2009, most of these product segments flat-lined in sales growth, in keeping with the overall sales slump in foods and beverages as well as in the U.S. consumer economy overall. By 2010, nonetheless, energy/sports drinks and RTD tea/coffee showed renewed dynamism, signaling the onset of a new cycle of sales growth for these convenience, refreshment and re-charge beverages. However controversial some energy drinks may be, this lively product segment continues to call the shots in the market, accounting for 44% of the total product introductions in 2010. Many new product introductions in rival “pick up, pick me up” beverage segments are clearly marching to the beat of energy drinks or energy shots, and the newest product segment in this market, nutrient-enhanced waters, competes as a lighter re-mix of energy/sports drinks.

Functional and Natural RTD Beverages in the U.S. examines sales and trends across the retail spectrum, using proprietary primary data from Packaged Facts' March 2011 food shoppers Insights survey as well as retail sales-tracking data from Information Resources, Inc. InfoScan Review for mass channels and SPINSscan Review for the natural channel. This report tabulates market composition by product category and retail channel, as well as marketer/brand shares within and across product segments. The analysis pays special attention to cross-category trends in new product development, drawing on comprehensive new product data from Datamonitor’s Product Launch Analytics database, and analyzes consumer usage (including demographic and psychographic context) based on current and five-year-trended Experian Simmons national consumer survey data.

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