Food Shopper Insights: Grocery Shopping Trends in the U.S.

Jul 1, 2011
182 Pages - Pub ID: LA6077723
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Food Shopper Insights: Grocery Shopping Trends in the U.S. offers fresh, original and actionable analysis to enable grocers and food manufacturers, marketers and brand managers to learn more about how grocery shoppers decide where to shop and how they make up their minds about what to buy. A first-of-its-kind Packaged Facts report, Food Shopper Insights delves into the minds of grocery shoppers with primary research based upon proprietary data from an online survey of 2,000 U.S. adults who had shopped for groceries within 24 hours of being surveyed. By anchoring its analysis in grocery shopper accounts of very recent grocery shopping trips, Food Shopper Insights taps immediately and directly into the actual contexts, motivations, and triggers framing the behavior of grocery shoppers.

The first chapter of the report presents topline findings to guide marketers in aligning shopper marketing efforts with the mindset, behavior and tactics of grocery shoppers both before shopping trips and in the store. The next chapter provides an overview of grocery shopper behavior before the store, including what motivated grocery shoppers to set out on their last grocery shopping trip, what they did to prepare for it and why they chose the grocery store where they shopped. Subsequent chapters provide topline findings regarding in-the-store behavior of grocery shoppers and a breakdown of what grocery shoppers like and don't like about their grocery store. The report continues with an analysis of how wellness concerns affect the purchase decisions of grocery shoppers and their attitudes toward food manufacturers and grocery stores.

The next chapter contains an innovative look at the mindset of grocery shoppers at the shelf and explores what grocery shoppers were thinking when they purchased a cross-section of food products on their last grocery shopping trip. The analysis compares planned and impulse purchases and examines the impact on purchase decisions of factors such as sales and promotions, attitudes toward national brands and store brands, personal and family preferences, taste/flavor/ texture, convenience and the force of habit.

The final chapters of the report segment grocery shoppers along the lines of demographic characteristics, life stages, key motivators for their most recent grocery shopping trip and grocery shopping habits.

  • The report first compares the before-the-store and in-the-store behavior of men and women, older and younger grocery shoppers, single and family grocery shoppers and full-time workers and those not working full-time.

  • A separate chapter analyzes the attitudes and behavior of grocery shoppers based upon their motivations for their most recent grocery shopping trip, including those who went shopping in order to pick up ingredients to prepare a specific meal or recipe at home, stock up on groceries, take advantage of sales and promotions on specific items and pick up food in a grocery store rather than using fast food.

  • The last chapter of the report takes an in-depth look at shopper segments based on grocery shopping habits and patterns: those who go grocery shopping every four to five days or more often, grocery shoppers who spend an average of $80 or more per week on food and those who shopped at more than one grocery store on their most recent grocery shopping trip.

The data analyzed in Food Shopper Insights are derived from Packaged Facts March 2011 Food Shopper Insights (FSI) Survey, an online survey of 2,000 U.S. adults who had shopped for groceries within 24 hours of being surveyed. Respondents in aggregate were Census representative on the demographic measures of gender, age, race/ethnicity, geographic region, household income and presence of children in the household.

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