Convenience Foods Packaging and Serving Size Trends, Volume 3 in the Series, The U.S. Market for Convenience Foods

May 1, 2004
108 Pages - Pub ID: LA928716
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With convenience one of the overriding trends in the packaged foods industry, new forms and sizes of packaging are revolutionizing what it means to be convenient and taking the notion of convenience to ever greater heights. Grab-and-go soups, seasoned tuna salad in pouches, vacuum-packed steaks and chicken breasts, ready-to-brew coffee in pods—all these and more are changing the way Americans eat and cook.

In a unique new trend-based format developed by Packaged Facts, Convenience Foods Packaging and Serving Size Trends examines convenience packaging and serving size trends across a broad range of food categories, from prepared meals to snacks and beverages, covering the full range of storage temperatures (frozen, refrigerated, and shelf-stable) as well as different serving sizes, from single-serve portions and bite-size minis to family packs and resealable eat-now/eat-later options.

The report explores all areas of the convenience foods market, examining trends for growth, new product developments, and consumer attitudes and their current and projected impact on sales of convenience foods. It provides up-to-date case histories of industry-changing packaging innovations, including those from smaller, up-and-coming companies; spotlights new products and current distribution trends; and pinpoints trends and marketing opportunities. You’ll also benefit from extensive data, presented in easy-to-read and practical charts, tables, and graphs.

The U.S. Market for Convenience Foods, Volumes 1-3
Convenience Foods Packaging and Serving Size Trends is the third of a three-part series on the convenience foods market, which also covers Frozen Meals and Appetizers/Snacks (Volume 2, April 2004) and Ready Meals and Side Dishes (Volume 1, March 2004). An Executive Overview of all three volumes will be available to purchasers of the three-volume set upon publication of the final volume, providing a cross-comparison of opportunities and competition in these inter-related sectors of the convenience foods market.

Report Methodology
The information in The U.S. Market for Convenience Foods is based on both primary and secondary research. Primary research involved on-site examination of the retail milieu, interviews with marketing, public relations and industry analysts within the convenience food market and consultants to the industry. Secondary research entailed data-gathering from relevant trade, business, and government sources, including company literature. Packaged Facts has derived mass merchandiser sales figures from Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) InfoScan sales-tracking data. Figures provided on national consumer advertising expenditures are based primarily on data (copyright 2002) compiled by TNS Media Intelligence/CMR, the leading provider of strategic advertising and marketing communications intelligence. The analysis of consumer demographics derives from Simmons Market Research Bureau survey data for fall 2003. New product information is gathered via literature research, personal interviews and data compiled by ProductScan, a service of Marketing Intelligence Service Ltd.

This series looks at every segment of the convenience food market, examining trends for growth and projecting sales of products through 2008. It analyzes consumer demographics and attitudes and their current and projected impact on sales of convenience foods. It provides up-to-date competitive profiles of marketers of these foods - including a look at smaller, up-and-coming companies - and discusses the influence of demographic trends as a driver of retail trends. The series also spotlights new products and current distribution trends, and offers readers trends and marketing opportunities within the convenience food industry.

You’ll also benefit from extensive data, presented in easy-to-read and practical charts, tables, and graphs.

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